Session Player

Be in the band - a play along series for budding musicians allowing even the most inexperienced players to “perform” with the professionals


"I love using this book to teach with, great tunes and so easy to use."


"Being a multi instrumental teacher with a large amount of pupils at the same leveI, I have found that the Rock School exam books are becoming slightly tedious. Session Player offer a fantastic alternative to the exam pieces which have been specifically written to match the Rock School criteria. I can throughly recommend this set of books to anyone who is looking for a change."


"My students love a "free choice piece" in exams and the tunes in this book are perfect for that purpose. The session player stuff (which I believe is also available for guitar and bass) is a welcome addition to the rock & pop repertoire."


"Playing the drums has always been a passion of mine and trying to keep my students interested has been a challenge at times, but they love the repertoire in this series of books and I have seen great progression since I introduced them."


"These tunes are so catchy and perfect for my pupils. I was becoming bored with the Rock School pieces, but these can be used as alternatives for their exams"